10 Points Correct Answer: Locks Of Love DOES NOT Accept Grey Hair?

Does anyone know any places that accepts GREY HAIR for donations to make Wigs for People who have lost their own through Cancer Treatment, mine is 85% GREY and I would like to donate it when it grows long enough, but I already checked and Locks Of Love will NOT accept any GREY OR COLORED HAIR (by Colored, I mean chemically changed through dying it, not natural like Blonde ETC)

i think this place will

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  1. Delilah says:

    no they don’t I donate my hair every 2 years and my moms friend was going to do it once with me and they wouldn’t let her because she had colored hair and they don’t accept gray either because its kids they give the hair to

    Answer mine?… it won’t let me post the link on here, but if you click on my picture you’ll be able to find it
    thankss =]
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  2. Tara says:

    this is what the site said:

    "Hair that is colored or permed is acceptable."

    "Gray hair will be accepted and sold to offset the manufacturing costs."
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  3. To Cool 4 U says:

    Well Locks Of Love doesn’t accept gray hair because Locks Of Love is for children and the wigs go to children. But maybe if u try to find a place for adults that don’t have hair they probably will except it. Because adults can have gray hair and children shouldn’t because well their to young to ave gray hair.

    Here is a link about hair that they will take:
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  4. Erica K says:

    No grey is allowed anywhere because its for children
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  5. doglover1000 says:

    i think this place will
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  6. curious says:

    Locks of Love will except colored hair, they will not accept bleached hair. Gray hair will be accepted and sold to offset manufacturing costs.

    Or you could try this site:
    Grey or colored hair will be accepted, and if it cannot be used for the making of wigs, it can still be used for other projects in the wig industry. It needs to be kept separate from other hair donations, and colored hair should include a note saying it is colored.
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    stylist 9 yrs

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