my 24 year old son is almost completely gray(HAIR) what are the causes? how does this happen? he looks 30?

why has it happened at such an early age?

Possibly time travel??

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  1. popeye says:

    oh no dear god!!
    definatly go through with it
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  2. scorpiorn77074 says:

    Possibly time travel??
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  3. Otter Pop says:

    maybe he’s part taylor hicks.
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  4. drgoodhi says:

    genetics, he got it from you
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  5. Soft_Melody says:

    Stuff like this happens quite a lot often than you think. My aunt is 23 and her whole head is almost completely gray. It just means your hair turns gray faster than others. If he looks thirty, so what? I’m fifteen and yet a lot of people mistake me for a seventeen year old.
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  6. Someones Angel says:

    SOmetimes is has something to do with the genes
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  7. sprite free spirit says:

    its usually inhereted..or caused by too much stress or a bad shock can turn the hair even white…it can happen at a young age like your son…he can always dye it every six weeks…or keep his head shaven..or wear a hat alot…
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  8. Dianne says:

    It’s just genetics. Nothing you can do about it. He can dye his hair, that’s about it.
    So what, he’s still the same person. It wouldn’t turn me off.
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  9. WitchTwo says:

    he is likely stressed out………but it is genetic…and he doesn’t look 30, more likey 45….except he has beautiful young skin…..if hes cute it will make him look more distinguished….

    If he doesn’t like it, he can dye it…its really not a big deal.
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  10. dimples says:

    it runs through his jeans. no it can’t be reversed. and yes maybe two out of five of his children will have gray hair. it could have happened to his father or grandfather at an early age that’s usually when it appears.
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  11. breadbreaker says:

    I don’t know, but I’m curious about that also….we have a black boy who weighs about 250 in the 10th grade who is almost completely gray. Don’t know if genetics is the key factor!?
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  12. JAN says:

    My Grandfather had jet black hair when he was young and it turned gray/white at a very young age too. It is hereditary in most cases.
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  13. regine t says:

    well its genetics! or maybe your son is thinking too hard. you know, stress, problems, you know.
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  14. connor oberst says:

    Has he had a very traumatic past possibly? If not some people’s hair just becomes grey at an early age. I have a cousin that has had grey hair since he was 23 and now has children and there hair is perfectly normal.
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  15. listlessbutdiligent says:

    its hereditary. probably his forefathers had the same problem and now he got it too. or it could be too much stress and thinking. i got gray hair when i was studying in the university but not so much now. but hey , he can always die it black again. and take care of his skin and physic to make him look young again to make up for it.
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  16. Kelly says:

    It’s hereditary. It might not have been passed on though you, but his mom. Women can pass on certain genes to their children without showing the signs themselves.

    It usually can’t be reversed, but can always be dyed or tinted.

    If you don’t have this problem, he had a 50/50 chance of getting it from his mother, and did. If he has children with a woman who does not carry the gene, his children will have a 25% chance of having premature gray hair.

    I went to high school with a kid who had pure gray hair at age 15, So your son is almost lucky! :)

    Take care, Happy 2007!
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  17. rain_s_ong says:

    Maybe he takes a bath right before he goes to sleep and sleeps with his hair wet.
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  18. robinskylynn says:

    My sisters hair started turning white at 13. She dyes it. It’s genetic ( so yes, it could be passed to a child) No it can not be reversed. However it is just "pre-mature graying" it will not hurt him, neither will hair dye.( don’t panic) :) Happy new Year!
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  19. sara says:

    ok, well i’m in cosmo tech of dover, and grey hair is caused by many different things. You son could simply be very stressed out. A lot of people gray early due to stressful lives or a tramatizing expieriance. He could also have a poor diet, and the unhealthy food is just affecting his hair more than other people’s diets would. It coudl simply be genetic.

    If it is stressed it can ussually be reduced if he makes an about face in his life style to include some tiem for himself to relax. Same with his diet. As far as genetics go, it could ba a recessive gene, and you might want ot look into hair dye. Many MANY men dye their hair…almost as many as women, so he could always look into that.

    If his children have the same stress or diet maybe, but probably not. If it is genetics, then maybe. Who knows.

    I hope this helped you and if you have any other questions just let me know.
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  20. James C says:

    my dad said he had grey hair by 16 and I am greying (and i am 14) it is probaly genetics
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  21. concernedjean says:

    Probably genetic. If he is very bothered by it, it can be died at the barbers or hairdressers. Or try Grecian Formula. (Gradually makes the hair darker with continued use.)

    Can be very attractive. Just think of the last American Idol. Absolutely gray hair & didn’t hold him back at all.
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  22. Christine says:

    it’s more likely because he’s very stressed out at work or in another area of his life… unfortunately, it cannot be reversed, but your son can get his hair dyed to his original color… my dad has gray hair too, so he purchases dye and uses it to color his hair at home… but dye fades easily, so he has to do it frequently. if your son has gray hair due to heredity or genes, then there is a chance his children might have premature gray hair too.
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  23. Anthony C says:

    He is an old man soon the cane
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  24. Alfawolfette says:

    Genetic, all of my uncles were like that in their 20′s. I had my first gray hair at the age of 19 and so did my daughter.
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  25. riversconfluence says:

    My uncle had blond curls, he was sick, and his hair turned white, and he started to go bald at age 17.
    Another cause is genetics, it is inherited. It means his children may inherit the premature grey. And no, it can’t be reversed.
    I started going grey at 45, but when I had surgery at age 50, It accelerated, now I am 1/2 grey. My friend is my age, and is just starting to see grey. Another has been almost totally grey for 15+ years, we will nver know, she has been dyeing it for at least that many years.
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  26. mi_4252 says:

    Some ppl just have this happen its nothing wrong…I my self turned grey at 16 it sucks…but he can tint his hair just tell him when tinting grey hair he must use a product with a grey busted in it when you have no contributing pigment any more you need to add the drops to your color for it to take this product can be got at a beauty supply store And I can say Yes this usealy dose get passed down thur the children but may not its so hard to tell but let your son know men whit grey hair are sexy
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  27. nnjjikiko h says:

    It could be a range of things, first of all is he overweight or obese or does he just eat unhealthy but not put on weight?

    But the most likely explanation for this is it’s genetic, but none of his kids will not be born with grey hair, because grey is not a hair colour you can be born with, but a colour of getting older or one of the above reasons.

    He could dye his hair professionally (by a hairdresser) (which would probably last longer) or get one you can do at home if he is to embrassed to go to the hairdressers!

    Hope this helped!
    Good Luck!
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